13-in-1 Emergency Survival Gear First Aid Kit (Black)

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13-in-1 Emergency Survival Gear First Aid Kit (Black).  Free Shipping.


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This is a very convenient and practical survival kit, which comes with 13 pieces of equipment for camping, hunting, wilderness survival, fishing, or outdoor adventure. It is a great birthday gift or Christmas present for dad, boyfriend, son or family. Used by wilderness enthusiasts around the world!

Package includes:

1 × Waterproof Box
1 × Bait
1 × Compass
1 × Water Bottle Buckle
1 × Flashlight
1 × Military Survival Knife
1 × Wire Saw
1 × 5 in 1 survival rope bracelet:  reliable compass, loud emergency whistle, emergency knife and 12 feet of military-grade paracord.

1 × Tungsten Tactical Pen:  your perfect self-defense tool for emergency. strong attack defense head, control criminals effectively. Can be used as broken glass apparatus for quickly escaping when driving in an emergency. Smooth business pen.

1 × 7 in 1 Multifunctional Spork:  outdoor multi-tool includes spoon, fork, knife, bottle opener, emergency whistle, saw tooth blade, rope.

1 × First Aid Blanket:  can be used as a reflecting coating to send signal to rescuer. Provide compact emergency protection in all weather conditions. Keep body warm in cold area. Reflects 90% of body heat. Open as canopy on a rainy day.

1 × Multifunctional Card:  fits inside a wallet for on-the-go repairs and tasks. Features a can opener, bottle opener, 2 screwdrivers, 2 rulers, 4-size wrench, wing nut wrench, 2 knife edges and a saw blade.

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