SPYPOINT Flex-M Twin Pack Cellular Trail Cameras | No WiFi Needed & GPS-Enabled | Night Vision | Dual-Sim LTE | IP65 Waterproof | 28MP Photos, 720p Videos + Sound





FLEX-M Camera on tree with strapFLEX-M Camera on tree with strap

The SPYPOINT FLEX-M makes switching to cellular easier than ever before by providing incredible quality at an unbeatable price.


  • CELLULAR NETWORK Multi-network LTE with true Dual SIM technology
  • DETECTION RANGE 90’ TRIGGER SPEED 0.4s CAPTURE MODES Photo, Video, Timelapse, Timelapse+ ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Installation strap
  • REQUIRED (SOLD SEPARATELY) 1 microSD Card up to 512 GB, 1 LIT-22 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack OR 8 AA Batteries

FLEX-M picture deer buck feeding zone applesFLEX-M picture deer buck feeding zone applesFLEX-M photo picture taken by camera of two deer buck night time night shot FLEX-M picture taken by cellular camera roe deer female snow winter FLEX-M picture taken by cellular camera roe deer female snow winter FLEX-M photo taken by cellular camera of hawk midflight flyingFLEX-M photo taken by cellular camera of hawk midflight flying


STEP 1 – Activate Your Camera

Login to the SPYPOINT APP and Add Your Camera

First, ensure that your camera has a power source (for the FLEX-S, charge the camera with the 12v charging cable for 12 hours before continuing).Next, open the SPYPOINT app and login or create a new account.Select the cameras tab, then press the + icon at the bottom right of the screen.Follow the instructions to add a new device.

spypoint app add camera

STEP 2 – Activate Your Camera

Activate Your Camera:  Follow the instructions in the SPYPOINT app. Scan your camera’s QR code.

Scan this QR code

STEP 3 – Activate Your Camera

Prepare and Power On Your Camera

A: Screw in the antenna.
B: Insert the required microSD card (sold separately). Text on the microSD card should be face-up when inserted.
C: Turn on your camera. The first power on sequence will initiate a remote download of the latest firmware. Please note, this process can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Your camera is ready when all lights are off.

Camera microsd powe button antenna

STEP 4 – Activate Your Camera

Format Your microSD Card and Test Your Camera

A: Immediately hold the FORMAT button for five seconds. The FORMAT LED light will blink green until the microSD card has finished formatting.
B: Press the TEST button to receive a photo on your SPYPOINT app to ensure the camera is functioning.

format your microsd card push test button

STEP 5 – Activate Your Camera

Make Sure Your Camera Reports

A: Wait for your camera to report. This may take up to 30 minutes.
B: Once your camera reports, check the camera’s status.

status and report

STEP 6 – Activate Your Camera

That’s It! You’re Ready to Install Your Camera

Once your camera has sent you a test photo, you’re ready to put it in the woods. Keep your camera off
until you are ready to install it in the field.

field camera set up scouting

FLEX G-36 Camera  FLEX-PLUS Camera  FLEX-S Camera

UNBEATABLE VALUE: Get premium cellular capabilities at an unbeatable price with the SPYPOINT FLEX-M Cellular Trail Camera, offering you the best value in cellular trail cameras. Setup is a breeze with mobile activation and on-camera buttons for easy formatting of the microSD card (not included) and test photo capture. Plus, ensure continuous operation with extended autonomy by pairing with our compatible solar panels (sold separately).

FREE PHOTO TRANSMISSION PLAN: Enjoy the freedom of our FREE PLAN with SPYPOINT! Transmit up to 100 photos every month with zero fees and no long-term commitment. It’s the only free photo transmission plan available for cellular cameras on the market. Need more than 100 photos? Opt for our flexible paid plans starting at just $5 per month for 250 photos or upgrade to unlimited photos for $15 per month. Choose monthly or annual billing with no activation fees. Plus, join our Insiders Club to unlock even greater savings!

TRUE DUAL-SIM CONFIGURATION: Experience uninterrupted connectivity with the FLEX-M Dual-SIM configuration. Seamlessly switch between carriers for optimal signal strength, eliminating the need to choose a specific carrier model. With two preactivated SIM cards included, there’s no hassle of swapping or worrying about network connectivity. The FLEX-M continually monitors network performance, ensuring you always stay connected, even in challenging conditions. Enjoy the freedom of a reliable connection with the FLEX-M.

MULTI-FUNCTION CAPTURE: Explore versatile options with the FLEX-M capture modes: Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+. Choose Time-Lapse for interval photos or Time-Lapse+ to trigger the detection sensor alongside interval shots, ideal for extensive outdoor area monitoring during hunting or wildlife observation. Plus, equipped with Constant Capture technology, the FLEX-M can seamlessly send and capture images simultaneously, ensuring you never miss a moment of action in the wilderness.

USER-FRIENDLY APP: Instantly receive photos on your phone, tablet, or computer via the SPYPOINT app, made possible by cellular trail camera technology, no Wi-Fi needed. Enjoy seamless camera activation, personalized maps, real-time weather updates, and BUCK TRACKER technology using AI image recognition for species filtering. Remotely manage settings and firmware updates anytime, anywhere. Keep tabs on your property, scout for the upcoming hunting season, or simply enjoy wildlife observation from the convenience of your phone.