License-Free Saltwater Fishing Day is Approaching in Florida

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Tallahassee, Florida (Tally Wire) – Third License-free saltwater fishing Saturday in Florida comes right after Thanksgiving. On Saturday, November 27th, all recreational anglers, including non-residents and residents, will be allowed to fish in all salt waters without permission.

“The saltwater exemption applies to all recreational harvests that require a saltwater fishing license (eg). Crab fishing, lobster, Scallop, Etc.) as well as fishing from the beach or boat. No snook or spiny lobster permits are required these days, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

all Season, bag, size limit The rule will continue to apply.

Each year, the first consecutive Saturday and Sunday in June and the first Saturday in September are also unlicensed saltwater fishing days. Both saltwater and freshwater fishing licenses start at $ 17 per year. Therefore, if you want to fish all year round, you can order licenses for various activities. here.

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